Weeks pass with no word of his whereabouts, until his partner and the mother of their month-old daughter receives phone calls and an e-mail from a former Shenzhen prison inmate saying he is in a jail there.

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Zhou told his mainland lawyer: He also gave an accurate description of Zhou. Zhou, who escaped to the US in , three years after the bleeding crackdown that ended the Tiananmen protests, returned to the mainland - via Hong Kong - in and was jailed for three years for entering the country illegally. She last adage Zhou, 42, a US bottle green card holder who runs an employment service, on September 26 last year. I did not reveal my real identity en route for the Hong Kong police. Immigration officers suspected his passport was forged and police held him at the Sheung Wan ferry terminal for 48 hours ahead of handing him back to immigration officers. How HK handed above a dissident Fox Yi Hu South China Morning Post October 18, A Chinese US resident arrives in Hong Kong as of Macau on a Malaysian passport under an assumed name, is told there is a badly behave, then, after two days' detention, is put in a car by immigration officers, whisked across the border and handed above to mainland authorities. Zhang, 33, who flew to Hong Kong last week to publicise Zhou's plight, spoke of the family's painful search to establish Zhou's whereabouts following his disappearance.

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En route for a leading immigration consultant all the rage the city it is unlawful, inexplicable and without precedent. En route for Zhou's girlfriend and the mother of his child, Zhang Yueweiit is a frightening conspiracy en route for abuse his human rights. Zhou told his mainland lawyer: All the rage the eyes of Zhou's Hong Kong lawyer, it is the biggest challenge to the one country, two systems formula as the handover. It makes a mockery of our judicial approach.


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