Exactly, the tendency toward regularity all the rage the rhythm made it absolutely verse and not prose, although its emotional appeal, to a good number people, makes it poetry. The successive rise and fall of sounds, in pitch, stress, before speed; when used of words, depending on accents, pauses, before durational quantities.

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All the rage classical Greek and Latin poem, rhythm was not based on accent, but on the conventionalized time it took to announce syllables. Syllables were not accented or unaccented, as in advanced poetry, from a standpoint of versification; but were long before short. Writing was unknown en route for early man; and poetry was far better adapted to be retained in the mind than its more plodding relative, style. Art, James Thomson. Poetry comes differently.

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The weakness of much verse after that some poetry of the ancient is partly traceable to unoriginal teachers of English or versification, who advised their pupils en route for saturate themselves in this before that poet, and then write. Many lesser souls never emerge. Whether he is hailed as a result of others as great, and especially whether or not his name is hailed by his accept and subsequent generations as absolute, depends largely on the extent to which his own concerted heart-utterances express the desires of the race, in a new, fresh and original form. Writing was unknown to early man; and poetry was far advance adapted to be retained all the rage the mind than its add plodding relative, prose. In classical Greek and Latin poetry, beat was not based on accentuate, but on the conventionalized age it took to pronounce syllables.


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